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Kissing the Bread:
New and Selected Poems 1969-1999

This stunning new collection documents some thirty years of Sandra M. Gilbert’s career as a poet, from her sometimes fearful, sometimes exuberant early visions through her feminist awakenings and her explorations of memory and desire to a range of recent poems mapping the meanings of grief, survival, and regeneration.


Writes Shirley Kaufman, “This is a time for gratitude and celebration. Sandra Gilbert’s new and selected poems, dazzling in their range of personal and worldly experience, are a lesson in living.” Adds Susan Hahn, “Sandra M. Gilbert’s poetry breaks my heart and rebuilds it at the same time. I can’t think of a finer poet writing at this millennial moment.” And Robert Fagles observes that “When Sandra Gilbert kisses the bread, the things of this world come rising up in poems of transformation - lust into longing, burial into birth, elegy into fresh, lyric life.”