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Wrongful Death: A Memoir

"A powerful and tragic memoir.”

-Boston Globe
“A gripping whodunit, a passionate polemic, a beautifully written narrative which employs time shifts worthy of any modern novel, and a profound account of grief.”
-The Times (London)
“A remarkable book. Once you start it you won’t want to put it down, and afterwards you won’t easily forget it. On one level it is a gripping medical whodunit which has the additional power of being a true story. At a deeper level, it is a book about death - its nearness, its unpredictability, its finality - and how we cope with the shock of sudden bereavement. It is written with a poet’s eloquence and a literary critic’s alertness to the evasions and concealments of medical and legal discourse.”
-David Lodge
“Sandra Gilbert’s Wrongful Death is a painfully candid memoir, written with the author’s characteristic intelligence and precision of language.”
-Joyce Carol Oates